Sunday, December 22, 2013

Being a Santa for the 5th year

 I went to Leisure Mall to buy Christmas present for the Orphans on 21 December 2013. It is a event held by Leisure Mall every year for public to buy present for the orphans. I had participate since 2009. This year is the 5th year i participate in the event.

Just with few step , we can make a child smile . What they wish for is not expensive thing. All the thing they wish for is cheap and affordable . 

There's a wish tree with a lot of tag that written what each of the orphan want . Just choose one and buy the present for the orphan. This year , i choose to buy a board games which are a present that a 15 years old boy wanted for his Christmas. 

There are a lot of shop available at Leisure Mall , so there will be no problem to find te present that the orphan want. I bought the board games at Popular . After i wrap it , i just bring it to the present box prepared by Leisure Mall, drop it into the box , and it's done ! 

The event will be at Leisure Mall until 25th December 2013. Leisure Mall Management will give out the present to the orphan on 29th December 2013. Just 3 more day left, faster go buy a Christmas present to the orphan and make them smile this Christmas! 

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Isaac Tan said...

yay.. gong xi fa cai.. cny coming soon :)