Thursday, June 19, 2008

A random post

Well, just want to share some story with you all here . On this morning , when i ride the LRT to TARC from Kelana Jaya , so when the train reach the station , i want to go inside the train . So , i just stand beside a guy to wait for the lrt door to open. Then the guy suddenly tell me " hey , you know how to que! , people queing ". And i turn back and see , only one people queing behind him. I agreed that i may wrong too . But who is he to scold me woh? so , i just smile and say ok . Either he is angry and want to lepaskan geram , or he tak puas hati i want to cut his que , but i not intend to cut his que la. As if i dont know what and how to que . The guy really so sombong lo. If he say and scold others , i dont know what reaction people will give , mayb worse . Okey , i may be wrong also . But he can just say it out , no need to scold . Well, thats the story i wanted to share with you all. Well, everybody views are different .

Okey , is very late di. wanna gp to sleep di . ~chaoz~ Be happy everyone ! =)

Welcome Freshmen Concert Rockzz ! ( continued )

Onn Sein
Ermm, this girl is the sponsorship manager . She is crazy sometime ,and she is a active girl too. Well, get to know her after few meetings . She is a friendly and good girl. Her english is very good . A dedicated committee also . She's a good friend! Dont what else i can describe about her.

Yoon Fei
He is the publicity manager . He did a great job too. His 'hap chou ' ness is so high. lol a friendly guy too . He got a good sense of humour too. Can joke well. =) a good friend also! is lucky to have a friend like him.

Boon Siew
She is the refreshment manager . she 'ta pau' a really big pack and cheap fried meehoon for the helper and committee . hehe, thanks for the fried meehoon ya! she is a friendly and kind friend too !

Choon Siong
The technical manager of WFC . he control all the technical things of W.F.C . A handy man too! Good in doing technical things. =) a good joker too! And a good friend . =)

Kok Sheng
He is the stage manager . A dedicated committee i can say . A friendly guy too! =) Glad to have him as my friend .

Okey , to all my committee friend , if i wrongly describe you all, or tersinggung your perasaan, i really truthly sorry ya. Just tell me if i tersinggung your perasaan ya . =) We are friends forever ! ~cheers~

Sorry guys , i will post the picture taken that night on later post due to some technical problem.=)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome Freshmen Concert Rockzz !

eHi there , finally blogging again.hehe . well, actually i have the urge to blog , but this few day really freaking busy and tired . Ok , let me update you with the Welcome Freshmen Concert held on last friday . Ok, although i'm not UTAR student anymore , but i still go back on that day to watch the concert. The reason is i really miss my committe friends there , and i surely want to watch it as i also got contributes in organizing the event . Futhermore , i want to suppot it! =) Ermm, the Welcome Freshmen concert went on well that day , except mayb a lil bit technical problem . Luckily that day didn't rain, the weather is so good . There are few performances on that night . The Champion of T.T night P.J , Joyce Tan from FAM performance is the highlight of the night , she perform 2 performances , that is dancing and singing. Our FES contestant Duncan also got perform that night, he sing and play guitar , it's so good. ( wonder why he didnt get 2nd or 3rd prize lol ) And the FAS chairman also perform by singing a song called 'he chai bei jing ' , he somemore change the beijing to UTAR . Haha . well , there are about 140 people attended the Welcome Freshmen Concert , which is quite good for an event at UTAR . Many VVIPs of UTAR also attended the event. The commercial break acted by the committee member also best of the best ! The president of UTAR also praise that we did a good job at passing the No Smoking , No Alcohol , and No Drug message to the student by acted the commercial break. LOL

Okey, the event went so well because of all the committee work silently behind the scene in organising the Welcome Freshmen Concert ! A big applause and clap too the following people! :

He is the chairman of Welcome Freshmen Concert . Well, he is a very kind 'a tao' or chairman.
He really good at conduct the meeting and give us what to do and what to do.Hehe Well, he is also got good sense of humour . He not that very serious type chairman, sometime he can laugh and smile together with us . =) He is a good guy and kind guy . =) He is also a friendly guy , we can talk very easily . A great friend too! Really good to have a friend like him.

He is the treasurer of W.F.C .This guy is funny , he always like to joke . =) He is also cute ( like doraemon) ,Oh no , i will surely be killed if he saw this lol. He is a friendly guy though , we always can chat so easily . =) Dont know what else can i describe about him. Ermm, he is a really good friend , really happy and lucky to know him.

She is the WFC Programme Manager . This girl here is a active , bubbly , chubby girl. =p well, she is dedicated to her job. She really did a great job as programme manager . The event really planned well by her. Hehe . Okey , she a crazy blue lovers , crazy till story book also want blue color. Lol . She is also a Jay Chou fans . she is also blur blur sometime , and like to daydream some time. Spotted her daydream during the second WFC meeting . Haha . =) She is a active and friendly girl,easy to communicate with . Really glad and grateful to know and be friends with her . A nice friend . =)

Tzyy shyuan
Okey , She is the WFC decoration manager . His drawing is really good . The poster , leaflet and backdrop draw by her really look very very nice .Can be a future designer di . lol She is a good and kind friend too. An active girl, always travel. =) This girl is a creative girl. She also dedicated to her job . Glad to have a friend like her .

Okey , this guy is the logistic manager , He is a friendly guy. Easily talk to.Ermm , a good friend too!

He is the recruitment manager , he is a kind and friendly guy too . Dont see he sometime cool cool ,he really friendly . He is a good emcee too. =)

Shen Chie
She is the PR manager . She is the first committe friend i know , because as she is the secretary for WFC last sem. she teach me many things about my job as secretary , such as booking venue , where to get attendance form etc . A really friendly and helpful girl . and of course a great friend too! She also did a great job as PR manager ,as she dedicated and prepare all the invitation card.

To be continued

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A tag

1.Real name : Kwan Hann Yaw
2. Nick name : Jayren ; Yaw Yaw
3. Married : Nope
4. Male or female : Male
5. High School : S.M.K Taman Ehsan
6. College : Previously at UTAR, presently at TARcollege
7. Short hair or long hair : Of course is short hair!
8. Are you a health freak ? : No,i dont think so, i eat whatever food i like.
9.Height: 168-170, not that tall, yet not that short , have an average height.
10. Do you have a crush on someone? : Perhaps yes before
11. Do you like yourself? : Yes , sure , i like who i am being now,mayb just be more socialise.Lol
12. Piercings : Nope
13.Righty or left handed? : Righty

14. First surgery : An increase eye size by pulling a lil bit eye skin , at around 5 years old .
15. First activity comes to your mind when hanging out : Chill out with friend.
16. First person you see in the morning : Mummy . She is always by my side.
17. First sport you joined : athlete
18. First award : From the Rekacipta competition .
19. First pet : a dog
21. First crush : Past very long long time ago
.22. First handphone : Nokia 3315
23. Eating : what's this means? My first eating?
24. Drinking : Skyjuice perhaps
25. I'm about to : Doing I.T Practical 1 and asignment
26.Want kids: Yes , in the future
27. Want to get married : Yes , but not now
28. Careers in mind : Ermm, as an advertiser , design line , media planner also mayb?
29. Lips or eyes : eyes
30. Hugs or kisses : Both go well for me
31. Shorter or taller : Shorter , or same height mayb?
32. Romantic or spontaneous : both , a lil bit greedy here
33. Sensitive or loud : Sensitive
34. Trouble maker or hesitant : Not both
35. Kissed a stranger : Never
36. Drank bubbles : What you mean by bubbles drink?
37. Lost glasses/contacts : Glasses.
38. Ran away from home : Never , like to stay at my home sweet home
39. Liked someone younger : perhaps yes
40. Liked someone older : nope
41. Broken someone's heart: perhaps a few times
42. Been arrested : No way !
43. Cried when someone died : sure , It’s normal and natural feeling , right?
44. Liked a friend : Yes ,but it had past di
45. Yourself : abodent, who else?
46. Miracles : not so
47. Heaven : Mayb.
48. Santa claus : No! That's a myth for me.
49. Angels : Perhaps.

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Yes, my friend,if that's count? haha.
51. Do you believe in god : Yes, i think so.

PEOPLE I'M TAGGING :Whoever feel free to be tagged.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aaaaaaaargh Another Bad Day

Okey , i already settle down at TARC now , studying Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising) . Already slowly adapted to TARC campus life , and know many new friends too. Okey , at TARC , we need to walk very far from one block to another block under the very hot sun , as TARC is much bigger compared to UTAR .But no worries , i will get used to it soonner or later . =) U all sure wonder why my title for this post is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh another bad day , because today is really my bad day. Firstly , i need to join another three repeat student for my advertising assignment. At first , our class got 21 person , so we got three group with each group seven member , but now three repeat student popped out in our class , so we have to balanced it to 6 member a group , where got 4 group . Haihz! so , i and another two classmates need to form a group with the three repeat student . Geramnya ! i feel doubtful why they need to repeat , and doubtful that will they be a good group member? Can we work well? will they lazy? okey , i want to make myself clear here , i didn't blame anybody as this is fair , as i join the other 6 member last ,so wont blame them. And i just curious why the people repeat , mayb a lil bit prejudis lo. Hope we can be a good team , and work well. But i wonder still got c1 ,c3 and c 4 , why they enter c2? and why me need to join them? why i'm so unlucky? but nevermind di lo..cant change to do assignment with them though .

Then another bad thing today is i need to pay for a book that i not going to used , as i only ask 'the person' to photostat but didnt pay him be4 'the person' go photostat . Yet 'the person' forced me to buy it.Haihz! And end up now i got to ask people to sell it .Haihz!

Then the last thing is as i ride KTM back from TARC , so when i reach the station where i get down from the train , my touch and go card got problem , and i cannot go out the gate . It is late di , and my mum waiting outside the station di. Then i ask the ktm train officer how, he say i needto go to opposite station check the touch and go card. What the .... , so i ran to the opposite station and check and ran back.So , kena scold by mum when go into the car. Haihz!

That's make me a bad and unlucky day today.And makes me moody . But thanks Sher Ryn , for willing to sabar and being my listener , you so sabar even i split out all my feelings and problem to you. Really gladful got a best friend like you . Now i feel better di. At least not that moody di.

Okey ,its very late di. And i;m very tired . Tomorrow got class somemore , and need to go early to school for assignment discussion, so i;m going to sleep now. ~Chaoz~

Friday, June 6, 2008

My New life at TARC

Well , on yesterday ( 6/5/08 ) , i had start study at TARC , pursuing Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising) . Well , when reach to TARC , 1st thing i do is pay my fees . Then . after paying fees , i go report at School of Social Science and Humanities ( SSSH) After report to the school and get which class i'm in, i straight go checked my timetable at the notice board to ensure that i didnt miss any lecture and tutorial anymore. Well, i'm in DAV1 /C2 . My timetable is still ok,but somehow packed on somne day. Monday , Wednesday , and Thursday end class on 6pm, which is quite late , and somemore i using public transport . travel to KTAR by LRT and KTM.So , have to get inside the "Sardine fish" KTM after 6pm ,as that's the hectic hour. LRT is still ok. Moreover. the hot issue now is the price of the petrol increase , and is Increased till RM2.70/litre. Better use publyc transport more , at least save petrol fuel. But the worst thing , is price of everything also increased , including the public transport like bus . Okey , back to the topic. I have no class on Tuesday , then one class on friday , abnd one class on saturday. Aiya, same situation as i'm in UTAR , Tuesday no class , but saturday have to come for class. And wednesday somemore no lunchbreak, from 10a.m to 6p.m got lecture & tutorial non stop,really damn charm ! =(

Okey , when i go into the class on 2pm that day , saw many girls on my class than boys. Well , that's normal in mass communication. Well , met some new friend ( guys) , all the girl classmates i still do not know them .Well, the boy classmates in my class i quite kind and welcome and talk with me. The couse rep is in my class , he is also a kind guy , and my class rep too, is a nice and friendly guy . Both of them is friendly and easy to talk to .This make me feel better ,at least i had know some new friend. So , yesterday i had attend english language first lecture and introduction to mass communication tutorial. And today attend the first English Language Tutorial . Well , it's seem that i miss many lecture , and i can only see the lecturer and tutor by next week , hope that i can catch up by then . And hope that i will know more friends and my new classmates by next week. Well, by now , i stil blur blur le at TARC .haha =)

And now , i want to thanks all my my friend that so supportive and cheer me up when i changed my course and study advertising at TARC . U all are my best friend forever, love u all , muacks ! will miss you all . All the best and good luck in pursuing your dreams too, friend , dont give up! Thanks so much , my lovely friend . Really appreciate it much!=)

okey , next friday ( 13 June 2008 ) is the Welcome Freshmen Concert at UTAR Setapak FES SD
block car park , from 6 pm - 9 pm. Although i had withdrawn from UTAR but i'm are the Welcome Freshmen comittee previously, so i will for sure go to watch the Welcome Freshmen concert. and i will also help out that day , i'm a helper also. Do come support it! For those UTARian that interested , you can get the ticket free , at the canteen Welcome Freshmen Concert booth , u just need to show your student id , to redeem the free ticket. u can redeem everyday. hehe . Will post on all my friend on the next few post . ~Chaoz~ =)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TARC Here I Go

Okey ,well , i'm already withdrawn from UTAR today , and change course and college , i will be study Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising ) at TARCollege . Hope i had choose the right course , as i'm interested at the course. Today , i already get the offer letter from TARC after waited for 2 hours only after submit the application form. WHile waited for the offer letter to be out , i went over to UTAR to settle all my thing , included give the wirthdrawal form to the officer in charge in the office . Today UTAR is quite 'meriah' , as today is FEStival , many booth selling food and drinks there and got performances too. Well , when i leave UTAR to go over TARC to take my offer letter , suddenly relly feel 'berat hati le , tears almost come out , but i didnt cry la of course . Maybe too many memories of me and my friend at UTAR ,as i already study 1 year at UTAR FES ,with same gang of friend . To all my UTARian friends ,no matter we are classmates or coursemates or my other UTAR friend , i really love u all , muacks !!! All the best and good luck in your future studies. I will always go back UTAR to find you all when i'm free . After all, i just study next door only . We can even go out 'yum cha' .Hehe . Hey,Sherril , Eric , Adrian , Shen chie , Kok Sheng , Tzyy Shyuan , Onn Sein , and Yoon Fei , I already send the photo to you all to your hotmail , and i also uploaded it at friendster . You all go check it la.If didnt get it , tell me on this sunday rehearsal . Okay , want to go sleep di.Tomorrow i will start my college life at TARC after i pay my fees . ~Chaoz~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finding a new course

Monday ( 2/6 /08 ) , because now is morning already , is another new day

On the morning , i go to UTAR PJ Head office to check and enquire about the advertising course at UTAR . At there, i talk with the counselor , and when i tell her that i already study CM 1 year at UTAR , and after she look at my SPM result , she say she wonder why i wil be offered CM degree courses by UTAR.Because i get 7D for physic in SPM. She say the CM degree courses have many subject that have many physic , and we must at least get a credit for physic if we want to study the course. Come to think back of it , ya,what the counselor say is right , CM really have sub with many physic part . Why the counselor last time when i fist consult didnt tell me? if she tell me that time , i sure will enroll in another courses. Well, but forget it , i didnt waste any time ,as i also something in CM ,and i may become more matured on choosing the right course for me now . So , after enquire about the course . I take the brochures back to consider . Actually the whole FAS had shifted to Kampar , based on what the counselor told me.

So , after that i went to IACT ( Institute Advertising Communication Training ) at Damansara Utama , at PJ . So , also same , i find athe counselor at there and enquire about the advertising courses at there . Well , IACT is a good institute specialised in advertising and mass communication . My mother's friend introduce this institute and ask us to go enquire about the course here . IACT is acredited by MAA ( Malaysian Advertising Association) and AAAA , don't know what AAAA stand for , forget di . Okey , so i take the brochures and course syllabus to go back consider first .

Then after lunch , i go to TARC to enquire about advertising course . i also meet the counselor and enquire the courses . Same thing ,i also take the brochures to go back and consider . Will be going today ( # June 2008 ) to enquire about the course with the lecturer of SSH . Then i only make decision on which campus i will choose .So i definitely will change course , but now still considering it 1st. My mom also support me. Thanks mom!

At about 4.45 pm , i went back to UTAR Setapak as i got a WElcome Freshmen Concert committee meeting .Actually , the meeting is going to start on 4pm . WEhen i reach canteen , saw that all other committee waiting for me for the meeting , since i'm the secretary and i need to write the minutes . Sorry guys , let you all wait for about 45 minutes. i'm apologize here. =(


To all my UTAR classmates , UTAR coursemates, u all will always be my friend , and i will truly keep our friendship special in my heart. We are always friend forever ! We had be friend for one year . So, you all are all special to me. I reallyappreciate and treasure you all , and cherish the moment we spend together .

To my WFC committee friend , we have been friend for one month ++ , i really appreciate you all , and cherish our moment when we are together whether at meeting or when we chit chat . We are a good team . I really enjoy the moment with you all. It's fun to have meeting with you all , really. You all are all my friend now , we will be friends forever ,as we had create a strong friendship bond between us . I will send the photo we take together to you all through email ,maybe by this few day.

To all UTARian , let me share to you some major event that will be happening at UTAR on this June .the evenbt are as folllowing :

Date : 04-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 11.00am - 6.00pm
Venue: FES campus

On that day, there will be booths selling all sorts of things for fund-raising. There will be several guests as well as performances. Society recruitments will be done as well. Do come Support !

Talent Time Night
Date : 11-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: FICT (PJ - PD block)

This event is basically an event where freshmen from Foundation, FAS, FICT, FES and FAM will be competing against themself and perform their hidden talents. Do come and support your own faculty talented freshmen!!

FES Welcome Freshmen Concert
Date : 13-June-2008 (Friday)
Time : 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: FES - SD car park (outdoor)

The winners of Talent Time Night will showcase their talents on this day. This concert is meant to let FES freshmen have fun and get to know each other. Of course, seniors are welcome to come too~!! There will be guest performances as well.
All freshmen and UTAR-ians in FES, you can now redeem your tickets at our booth at canteen. You'll just need to show your ID card to redeem.

FAM Welcome Freshmen Concert
Date : 18-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Venue: FAM

It's the same concept as FES WFC. Do attend and have fun!

okey , very tired now . Going to sleep lo. =) ~chaoz~

My Exam Result Sucks

Okey , this post will a short post . Just to shout out my frustrated and moody feeling when i get my last semester examination results at UTAR .

Last Friday
On the afternoon , i go to UTAR intranet to check if my result had come out or not.Then , i saw that the exam result had come out . In fact , the exam result had come out on the previous day. When i login and saw my result , i was shocked and sad , my exam result is so terrible . I failed 3 sub out of 6 sub . Then tell my mom, my mom ask me why i failed so many sub. Then i think about it , maybe i'm not interested in what i'm studying now ,which is CM degree course at UTAR. And i force my self to study and pass the sub. In fact , i choose CM last time ,because many of my aunty and uncle also study this course last time and working well now, so i thought i can consult them. I have no target and dream that time , because i just after form 5 le when i choose the course . So i'm thinking to change course , as i dont wabt to struggling study something i'm not interested di . So , i thought of changing to advertising courses. THis course can be considered as i like it , and it will of course more easier than the science courses like what i'm currently study .

That's all ~Chaoz~

A Bad Day!

Okey , i'm repeating and continue to posting this post AGAIN . Let me tell you why , it is because actually i already started writing this post on last wednesday . But when i almost finish this post , my house suddenly no electric! Wow , so cant continue writing . That time i still scared i need to re-write this post . But my friend tell me it will be autosaved .OKey , i'm still new at blogspot leh. So i got to change the title from 'Yesterday and Today" to A Bad Day! =( Now , let me continue my unfinish blog post .

Last Tuesday

Well , i have no lecture and tutorial class on the whole day . Actually , i dont have any class for tuesday based on my timetable. But my timetable may be subjected to be change . But yesterday morning i go to UTAR to help Eric ( Chairman of W.F.C) decorate our booth board at canteen. Well, we decorated the board from 10.30am to about 1.oopm . Then , as i am one of the 'judges' for the audition for recruit talent . Well , so on 1.30pm, i and Sherril ( Program Manager ) go up to SC111 to wait for people to come to audition .We didn't expect much people will voluntarily come for the audition . So , while we waiting for people coming for audition , we chit chat to reduce our boredness at there .

Then at around 3pm,finally got one guy come for the audition , his talent is playing guitar , but his guitar is not in KL . So i called Paul Ang ( Recruitment Manager) to come over to deal with the guy . After Paul deal with the guy , he sit down and chit chat with us as he say the lab is quite hot . Well , he say , already got 2 people come for the audition before this guy . I fouind out that paul actually is a friendly person . I said this because i hardly talk with him during meeting , thought he is very cool.haha. No offence ya ,Paul. Then after a while , he back to lab for his class.

At around 3.30pm , another guy come for audition , so we ask him to perform as he had got a pieces of song and guitar. Then sherril said , " We can be judges ah ?, eric and paul are not here woh." she somemore say," we dont look like judges le." Well , i agreed with her , we really look too young to be the judges le, and also not professional . But i said , " Nevermind la, we just hear how good or bad the guy sing lo." Then we really impressed when he sing and play the guitar so well . But he can be improved since we got training if he been chosen as contestant . So , we ask him to leave contact and Paul will deal with him . He can play guitar and change chord well. I and Sherril know as we both also got learn and play guitar .

Then after that no more people coming ,so we closed our audition at around 5.oopm ,after eric paul , and yoon fei come . Then i go back home , while sherril still need to wait for her class at 6pm , really pity her ..hehe =) Then paul , and eric also went off to do their things . While yoon fei need to wait for her gf .Hehe . That 's what happening on last tuesday .

Last Wednesday

Well , today morning i go to UTAR early to attend my 8am class .It's Mr.Ananthan class , so is kind of good as he is a good lecturer . Then on 12 pm , after that i go help Yoon Fei at the Booth in Canteen, as my class end at 11.00am. Well ,I help Yoon Fei at the booth for promotion of Welcome Freshmen Concert until 2 pm . Then ,after that i went home.I think is like that as i'm already forget it ,this is the part where i edited today , Now.Aiya , dont care di . ~Chaoz~